Saturday, 30 July 2016

Updated map for Road Race 4, Pontypool, Tues. 2nd Aug.

Start and finish has changed for road race 4 at Pontypool Tues. 2nd Aug.
Here's a new map showing the new start and finish. Also some information from Pontypool & District Runners ahead of Tuesday's race :
Hi all,
We have moved the start over to Fountain Road so that we get straight onto the canal towpath.
We will run a short loop around the houses on Fountain Road, (less than half a mile) to spread people out a bit, but everyone needs to be mindful that the canal towpath is quite narrow in places.

Its not ideal, but is wider than the pavements on Usk Road, and traffic free.

After approximately 1 mile, the runners go under a LOW, LONG bridge (Under Usk Road) - before turning sharply right. Having already slowed to get under the bridge, the turn shouldn't be too bad.
Then it's back on the original route...

There will be NO water on the route as cups/water bottles etc may end up in the canal

The finish is BEFORE you reach the leisure centre.  Its just approximately 6 miles, but not the uphill finish of the Pontypool Home Run. (yay!)

I know we all want the best outcomes from these events, but PLEASE, make sure your members are mindful of other canal path users.. we will post advance signs etc, but if the Waterways receive too many complaints, they will refuse permission not just for this next year, but also for the St David's Hospice Care event in February (that raised £20k to support local patients this year).

Thanks a lot,
See you all Tuesday.

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