Thursday, 29 December 2016

GLCL XC - Race 3 - Sunday 8th Jan

GLCL XC - Race 3 - Sunday 8th Jan - 11:00am
Race Venue is: 
Humble by Nature
Upper Meend Farm, Penallt, NP25 4RP Monmouth

The course - 1 lap = 1.42m
(3 laps ladies, 4 for the men).

Thursday, 10 November 2016

GLCL XC - Race 2 - Pontypool

Sunday, November 20th. 11:00 am

 Pontnewynydd Cricket Club, Pontypool, NP4 6TJ

 Hosted by Griffithstown Harriers
  The course is on a mixture of farm fields and mountain track.
  It is an ‘out and back ‘ course with ladies turning and running back at the two mile point and men at  another half mile.
  There is a circuit on flat fields to start and finish the course.
  The attached map is an indication of the course, to provide a guide- but not an exact representation.
  This is a tough technical course , containing a climb of several hundred feet and a similar tricky descent.
  Car Parking – There is none !
  So sharing / mini-bus travel by those coming furthest would be wise.
  The cricket club may allow thirty cars on their field if conditions are dry,
otherwise cars will have to be parked on the road leading from the cricket ground to Pen-twyn village.

 Click here for a Map to get to Race Venue:
Google Map

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

XC - Rogerstone School - Sunday 23rd October

Venue: Rogertsone School, Newport, NP10 9YX
 Hosted by Lliswerry Runners.
 Sun. 23rd Oct. 2016.
  Race start time: 11am

 After the race there will be a presentation for GLCL 2016 Road Race Series & 2015/16 Combined Series winners.

 Route map:
 The car park next to the school has limited parking so alternative parking is shown in red on the following map. These are at 14 Locks Visitor Centre - if using Brunel drive do not park in the lower 50m. Please be mindful of the residents. There is no access to the school building.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Parc Bryn Bach - Road Race 5

Clive Cooksey 
Hello to our fellow GLCL Clubs. Parc Bryn Bach RC are inviting you to the closing race in this summers Road Race series to be held at the Park on Tuesday 23rd August 2016. Here is some information for you regarding the event. The course will be similar to our 6 mile race held in April but slightly shorter The start will be moved further into the road that is located behind the visitors centre to accommodate a larger field! As in the past you will run along the road past the main gate and towards the golf course lap, you will be directed up the hill to complete a lap of the golf course , you will then be directed down onto lake-side running clockwise around the lake before completing a second lap of the golf course. You will then return to lake side, running towards the Visitors Centre and will be directed into the caravan site to the finish. The distance will be slightly less than 6 miles. Although we can't guarantee that the course is traffic free because of visitors leaving the park in their cars but this will be greatly reduced due to the 7.30pm start! Just to prepare you PBB RC will not be providing water during or after the race unless a heat wave is forecast !! and I don't foresee that happening at the Park :) but we have arranged for the cafeteria to remain open for snacks and drinks until the event concludes. One request to you all is to use the numerous car parks and NOT TO PARK on the access road to the V C or at the rear of the building near the caravan park because both these area's are crucial to the START and FINISH OF THE RACE! Showers / Changing and Toilets are available at the rear of the VS. The post code for the park is - NP 22 3AY So we will see you on Tuesday 23rd and don't forget "Bring a smile on your face and a spring in your step" :)

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Updated map for Road Race 4, Pontypool, Tues. 2nd Aug.

Start and finish has changed for road race 4 at Pontypool Tues. 2nd Aug.
Here's a new map showing the new start and finish. Also some information from Pontypool & District Runners ahead of Tuesday's race :
Hi all,
We have moved the start over to Fountain Road so that we get straight onto the canal towpath.
We will run a short loop around the houses on Fountain Road, (less than half a mile) to spread people out a bit, but everyone needs to be mindful that the canal towpath is quite narrow in places.

Its not ideal, but is wider than the pavements on Usk Road, and traffic free.

After approximately 1 mile, the runners go under a LOW, LONG bridge (Under Usk Road) - before turning sharply right. Having already slowed to get under the bridge, the turn shouldn't be too bad.
Then it's back on the original route...

There will be NO water on the route as cups/water bottles etc may end up in the canal

The finish is BEFORE you reach the leisure centre.  Its just approximately 6 miles, but not the uphill finish of the Pontypool Home Run. (yay!)

I know we all want the best outcomes from these events, but PLEASE, make sure your members are mindful of other canal path users.. we will post advance signs etc, but if the Waterways receive too many complaints, they will refuse permission not just for this next year, but also for the St David's Hospice Care event in February (that raised £20k to support local patients this year).

Thanks a lot,
See you all Tuesday.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

GLCL 2016 Road Race Series, Race 4, Tues. 2nd Aug.

Penultimate race of the GLCL 2016 Road Race Series; 
Tues. 2nd Aug., 7:30pm start.
Race HQ : Pontypool Active Living Centre, Trosnant Street, Pontypool, NP4 8AT

Hosted by Pont-y-pwl & District Runners
This is another superb 10k course which starts and finishes in the beautiful Pontypool Park.
The route follows the road out to Mamhilad and returns via the canal towpath.
Please follow the marshals instructions when car parking.

Monday, 18 July 2016

From Mike Heare: Road Race tomorrow at Penalta

By the race start(7.30),the temperature will have fallen to 27c!!
There will a water station below the car park in the top field which you will pass twice and at the finish,
The start is in an open area with no shelter,so I would advise taking some water with you to keep hydrated before the start.
I was thinking of providing parasols for each runner !!!
Have a good race and all come back safe plz!!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Road Race 3 - Tuesday 19th. Penalta

Hosted by Islwyn Running Club, this is an excellent course with 2 laps around the very scenic country park and a short dash down the road to finish outside Caerphilly Council HQ at Tredomen Park, Ystrad Mynach CF82 7PG
The total distance is 4.75 miles.
See the course map and venue map on the 'road' tab above.
Car parking for the event is at the Business & Technology Centre, Tredomen Park CF82 7FN
Toilet facilities are available here.
Please allow at least 15 minutes to walk/jog to the start line.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Message from Dick - organiser of Undy Road LCL

Hello All,
Tuesday’s league race at Undy will follow the same route as least year, starting and finishing at the entrance to the sports ground, but the finish funnel will be tight along the right-hand side by the contractor’s fence.
Parking is more restricted and sharing cars is essential please.
Please remind your team that ear phones are not allowed in GLCL events, and we’ll be watching out for possible transgressors at the start, and through the race!
Runners who have booked the buffet should go into the covered area to get their food as soon as they’re ready. We’re hoping that a steady throughput will minimise queuing.
I and maybe one or two other Chep members will be collecting the 3 quids.
Cheques to be made out to “Undy AFC Social Committee”.
Hoping all goes well, current weather forecast is cloudy but dry.
See you all Tuesday,

Monday, 23 May 2016

LCL Road Race No. 2 - Tues 21st June - Undy

The next LCL Race:
 Date: Tues 21st June, 7:30 pm
 Hosts: Chepstow Harriers
 Venue: Undy FC, Magor, NP26 3EW
 Distance: 8.3 kms

Please obey marshals instructions re: which side of the road to run and when to cross the road. Generally keep on the left unless told otherwise. 
Absolutely no Headphones (ear plugs). There will be an inspection at the start and marshals will take names on the course.
There will be a 30 year celebratory buffet after. £3 per club member.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Road LCL - Tuesday 17th May

"Griffithstown Harriers have everything ready for the first GLCL road race of the 2016 Series, Tuesday 17th May.
Race HQ is The Olive Tree Cwmbran NP44 2JJ, race start is 7:30 pm.
The start is approx 5 mins. walk from The Olive Tree, and the finish will be at The Olive Tree.
One item they would like everyone to note is the car parking arrangements;
When the car park at The Olive Tree is full, marshals will ask visiting runners to park at either:
Morrisons superstore or Cwmbran railway station car parks, both of which are only a few mins. walk from the race HQ.
We will be making a presentation at the The Olive Tree after the race for the winners and runners up of the 2015/16 GLCL XC Series, so please stay if you can"

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Many thanks to the clubs that hosted the 2015/16 XC races and to the individuals for marshaling etc.
A special mention for Parc Bryn Bach Running Club who stepped in at short notice on two occasions to host XC races.
A total of 236 male and 177 female runners competed in one or more of the 2015/16 XC races.
Individual age category awards are based on best four results from five races, and a minimum of three races must be completed to be eligible for an award.
All five race results count for team awards.
Congratulations to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place award winners of the 2015/16 XC Series.

Awards will be presented after the first road race of the 2016 series hosted by Griffithstown Harriers, at The Olive Tree Cwmbran, on Tuesday 17th May.

Martyn Jenkins (Fairwater Runners Cwmbran)

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Message from PBB about today's event 10/1/2016

Hello to all Clubs attending the race at the park today. We marked the course out today and found that there will be some areas of very muddy ground that I have never experienced before!! Having said that, it's located at the far end of the course on a short up hill section. Obviously things will deteriorate underfoot as the race progresses but I believe that our course would be the only one of all the league courses where a race could go ahead after the amount of rain we have had over the last weeks To counter the conditions as they are I have altered the Start location to the far end of the grass area just before where you would cross the road on previous races, this will allow the field a long section of parkland before they pass the Visitors Centre on their left. this will be more straight forward and dispense with the need for the U turn that I originally planed. The finish will also be re located to nearer the start. In short you will have to allow yourselves more time to get to the start. I would suggest you use the tarmac paths to get there. I will make the pre race briefing as short as possible so that you can get under way. There is a possibility that if the weather is really bad at the time of race start that as the promoting club we would consider shortening the race to 3 laps for men and 2 laps for ladies! We will make every effort to ensure that this fixture goes ahead. Thank you all for your patience and understanding at the end of the day our club and league management have the interests of its members at heart.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Important information from Clive ahead of XC at Parc Bryn Bach, Sun. 10th Jan.

"I walked the course today in the direction we intend to run it and found no problems as far as the layout is concerned. It was hammering down with rain and it was very soft underfoot! but with the change of direction we will be running up and not down the slippery sections so should prove safer! I think the course under the conditions we are experiencing at the moment is still runnable but will come as a stiff challenge to the less experienced club runners so I wondered if you could stress to your club the need for suitable foot wear to be worn, Studs are ideal Spikes are a bit flimsy and lack support! Road shoes would be completely unsuitable!

Friday, 1 January 2016

XC - Jan 10th - change of venue

Due to over running ground works on the Usk course the venue for the next Cross Country on January 10th will change to Parc Bryn Bach.Thanks to Clive and his club members for agreeing to provide a venue at such short notice. Apparently the course will be more or less the same as Sept., except we will run in the opposite direction. Race starts as usual at 11:00 am.