Monday, 20 June 2016

Message from Dick - organiser of Undy Road LCL

Hello All,
Tuesday’s league race at Undy will follow the same route as least year, starting and finishing at the entrance to the sports ground, but the finish funnel will be tight along the right-hand side by the contractor’s fence.
Parking is more restricted and sharing cars is essential please.
Please remind your team that ear phones are not allowed in GLCL events, and we’ll be watching out for possible transgressors at the start, and through the race!
Runners who have booked the buffet should go into the covered area to get their food as soon as they’re ready. We’re hoping that a steady throughput will minimise queuing.
I and maybe one or two other Chep members will be collecting the 3 quids.
Cheques to be made out to “Undy AFC Social Committee”.
Hoping all goes well, current weather forecast is cloudy but dry.
See you all Tuesday,