Sunday, 10 January 2016

Message from PBB about today's event 10/1/2016

Hello to all Clubs attending the race at the park today. We marked the course out today and found that there will be some areas of very muddy ground that I have never experienced before!! Having said that, it's located at the far end of the course on a short up hill section. Obviously things will deteriorate underfoot as the race progresses but I believe that our course would be the only one of all the league courses where a race could go ahead after the amount of rain we have had over the last weeks To counter the conditions as they are I have altered the Start location to the far end of the grass area just before where you would cross the road on previous races, this will allow the field a long section of parkland before they pass the Visitors Centre on their left. this will be more straight forward and dispense with the need for the U turn that I originally planed. The finish will also be re located to nearer the start. In short you will have to allow yourselves more time to get to the start. I would suggest you use the tarmac paths to get there. I will make the pre race briefing as short as possible so that you can get under way. There is a possibility that if the weather is really bad at the time of race start that as the promoting club we would consider shortening the race to 3 laps for men and 2 laps for ladies! We will make every effort to ensure that this fixture goes ahead. Thank you all for your patience and understanding at the end of the day our club and league management have the interests of its members at heart.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Important information from Clive ahead of XC at Parc Bryn Bach, Sun. 10th Jan.

"I walked the course today in the direction we intend to run it and found no problems as far as the layout is concerned. It was hammering down with rain and it was very soft underfoot! but with the change of direction we will be running up and not down the slippery sections so should prove safer! I think the course under the conditions we are experiencing at the moment is still runnable but will come as a stiff challenge to the less experienced club runners so I wondered if you could stress to your club the need for suitable foot wear to be worn, Studs are ideal Spikes are a bit flimsy and lack support! Road shoes would be completely unsuitable!

Friday, 1 January 2016

XC - Jan 10th - change of venue

Due to over running ground works on the Usk course the venue for the next Cross Country on January 10th will change to Parc Bryn Bach.Thanks to Clive and his club members for agreeing to provide a venue at such short notice. Apparently the course will be more or less the same as Sept., except we will run in the opposite direction. Race starts as usual at 11:00 am.