Friday, 18 June 2021

GLCL 2021 Virtual 5k Race

 Summary of details for The GLCL Virtual 5k Race are as follows :

1) Distance = 5k (3.10686 kms).

2) Elevation at start and finish should be equal (elevation at finish MUST NOT be lower than elevation at start by more than 5 metres)

3) Run and submit result between 00:01 Monday 21st June and 23:59 Sunday 27th June 2021.

4) Submit result using online form provided below.

Runners will be required to provide evidence when submitting result; 

e.g. Strava or Garmin file link or image file of recording device.

We urge all participants to enter Strava/Garmin or similar links as much as possible to submit results. We will of course continue to accept emails with screenshots etc, but the more links, the quicker the results.

Please name your run "GLCL Virtual June 5k"