Monday, 22 August 2016

Parc Bryn Bach - Road Race 5

Clive Cooksey 
Hello to our fellow GLCL Clubs. Parc Bryn Bach RC are inviting you to the closing race in this summers Road Race series to be held at the Park on Tuesday 23rd August 2016. Here is some information for you regarding the event. The course will be similar to our 6 mile race held in April but slightly shorter The start will be moved further into the road that is located behind the visitors centre to accommodate a larger field! As in the past you will run along the road past the main gate and towards the golf course lap, you will be directed up the hill to complete a lap of the golf course , you will then be directed down onto lake-side running clockwise around the lake before completing a second lap of the golf course. You will then return to lake side, running towards the Visitors Centre and will be directed into the caravan site to the finish. The distance will be slightly less than 6 miles. Although we can't guarantee that the course is traffic free because of visitors leaving the park in their cars but this will be greatly reduced due to the 7.30pm start! Just to prepare you PBB RC will not be providing water during or after the race unless a heat wave is forecast !! and I don't foresee that happening at the Park :) but we have arranged for the cafeteria to remain open for snacks and drinks until the event concludes. One request to you all is to use the numerous car parks and NOT TO PARK on the access road to the V C or at the rear of the building near the caravan park because both these area's are crucial to the START and FINISH OF THE RACE! Showers / Changing and Toilets are available at the rear of the VS. The post code for the park is - NP 22 3AY So we will see you on Tuesday 23rd and don't forget "Bring a smile on your face and a spring in your step" :)