Wednesday, 27 May 2020

GLCL (GLVL) One Off 'Test' Virtual Run Competition 1st June to 14th June

With GLCL races suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, representatives of the GLCL clubs have been discussing the possibility of organising virtual run competition for the GLCL clubs, until racing can start again.

To start with a one off  'test' virtual run competition event has been organised.
If this one off event proves popular and successful the intention is to have a series of virtual run competitions for GLCL clubs until we can start racing again.
This would mean the Gwent Leisure Centre League (GLCL) temporarily becoming the Gwent Lockdown Virtual League (GLVL) until we can start racing again.

The virtual run will be a closed event and only registered members of the nine running clubs who participate in GLCL races will be eligible to participate in the virtual run event.
The virtual run is licensed by UKA licence number 2020-40779.

Click here to view copy of UKA Licence

If you wish to participate in this initial one off virtual run competition you will need to request to join a private facebook group named GLCL VIRTUAL COMPETITION.
When requesting to join the private facebook group you will be asked three questions; 
  • Which running club are you currently a registered member of ?
  • Do you agree to be responsible for your own safety when participating in GLCL virtual events ?
  • Do you agree to adhere to social distancing safety guidelines when participating in GLCL virtual events ?
You should answer all three questions when joining the private facebook group.

Click here to request to join private facebook group

All further information regarding the virtual run competition is available in the private facebook group. 
Once you are accepted in to the private facebook group you will see there is only one post with links to all the detailed information regarding the following:

  • Social Distancing requirements,
  • Run safety requirements,
  • Distance and elevation requirements (including time bonus & penalty)
  • Submitting results

Summary of details for the one off virtual run competition are as follows :

1) Distance = 5.25 miles.

2) Elevation requirement target = 60 metres elevation gain.

3) Run and submit result between midday Monday 1st June and midday Sunday 14th June.

4) Submit result using online form provided.
Runners will be required to provide evidence when submitting result; 
e.g. Starva or Garmin file link or image file of recording device.

5) Only 1st claim members of GLCL clubs are eligible to submit a result.

6) Categories and scoring etc. will be as for GLCL road races : 
Male 17~39, 40~44, 45~49, 50~54, 55~59, 60~64, 65~69, 70+
Female 17~34, 35~39, 40~44, 45~49, 50~54, 55~59, 60~64, 65+
Male team = 10 runners
Female team = 6 runners
A, B, C teams.

7) No limit to number of runners from each club.


  1. Thank you for creating this race, it is a great idea!
    A question that seems to confuse a few runners, the 60 meters gain, it has to be a minimum of 60 m of gain, e.g. 260 m uphill and 200 m downhill, not 60 m uphill followed by 8450 m downhill (extreme case of base jumping from the Everedt and counting it as a GLCL run....)?

  2. This first race is 60 metres elevation gain (uphill) only requirement, elevation loss (downhill) is not being considered. I understand that this will lead to some runners to be 'creative' and use a route with a large amount of downhill, but I needed to keep it simple for runners to pick a route and report their stats in this first run. Maybe we can factor in elevation loss on the next one if this first one proves popular. I have suggested that clubs take it in turn to fix the distance & elevation requirements. My experience to date is that some runners struggle a bit to plan a route with elevation requirements, and adding elevation loss makes it more difficult? Choosing a out and back route or a circular route with same start and finish is a good option?

  3. It's been a really fun challenge Martyn and a bit different. I have enjoyed planning an 'optimum' route and that's added interest. It would be good to have a variety of distances and formats - definitely I think we should have an out and back/circular route so no net descent for one challenge in the next series (hopefully it will happen) and others could be like this one where you have to achieve a certain amount of ascent or get penalty points - good to mix it up then there is something to inspire everyone. Thanks for organising!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Level of participation so far is encouraging and suggests there is sufficient interest to do more events.

  4. Thanks great to hear Martyn - I've been trying to encourage as many Harriers as possible to take part. Hopefully there will be a last minute surge of all LCL clubs at the weekend. As you say, bodes well for subsequent events.