Sunday, 8 November 2020

GLCL Winter Virtual 5 x 5 Race Series

 GLCL Winter Virtual 5 x 5 Race Series

Dates for GLCL Winter Virtual 5 x 5 Race Series :

Virtual Race 1 : Mon. 23rd Nov. to Sun.29th Nov.
Virtual Race 2 : Mon. 14th Dec. to Sun. 20th Dec.
Virtual Race 3 : Mon. 4th Jan. to Sun. 10th Jan.
Virtual Race 4 : Mon. 8th Feb. to Sun. 14th Feb.
Virtual Race 5 : Mon. 22nd Mar. to Sun. 28th Mar.

The GLCL Winter Virtual 5 x 5 Race Series will follow more or less the same format as used for the GLCL summer virtual races; 
  • only members of GLCL clubs eligible to compete.
  • runners to submit their time and evidence via an online form (the form will have fewer sections to fill in)
  • links to the online form and other info will be published via facebook, GLCL website and emailed to all clubs close to the event date.
  • runners are given a 7 day time window to complete their run and submit a result.
  • all races will be 5 miles (8.05 kms); start and finish elevation to be equal.
  • wherever possible runners must submit evidence via starva or garmin link when filling in online form; those who do not use strava or garmin can send image via email or facebook message.
  • results will provide link to evidence as provided by runner.
  • same scoring as used for summer virtual series (i.e.  teams of 10 male and 6 female runners)

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