Sunday, 31 October 2021

Cross Country Results

Results for XC Race 1 - Chepstow 31/10/2021

Very provisional and incomplete results are on the website here:

Unfortunately due to human error the chip timing box wasn't turned on correctly and we missed the first 20 finishers. Luckily, with our backup scanner and the assistance of helpful runners around at the finish we think we've now added all those who were missing. Please email me on if you notice any errors in these top 20 - the times are pretty much irrelevant, it's the positions that matter.
Age categories are based on the information clubs gave me - if there are any errors let me know and I can change.
Please note that individual races have no prizes - only overall series prizes for categories are awarded.
The comment next to 1st place where it says prize - means you have won the respect and admiration of your fellow runners. This is the prize! 😀

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