Monday, 25 October 2021

GLCL – XC - Chepstow Information


Gwent Leisure Centre League – Cross Country - Chepstow

Date:  Sunday October 31st – 11am    (Junior starts, from 10-15am)

Organiser:  Andy Creber, Chepstow Harriers

Venue:  Piercefield Park, Chepstow, (Signed from Leisure centre)

Parking: At the Chepstow LC, approx NP16 5LR Parking is limited. Use nearby estate roads, if full.

Toilets:  In LC, but you will be required to sign in, and wear a mask. Showers are available @ £2-45. We suggest you don’t wear a mask if using this facility.

Chip Timing:  We are trialling chip timing at the event, so please ensure you do not cover the number/chip when stopping your Garmin. Remember to keep them for future use ! You’ll need them again !

 When you finish, move away from the Finish to avoid multiple times being recorded. Move to the ‘Spectator Point’ to cheer on your mates. You will still be able to see them finish

The Start:  Signed from the entrance to the LC parking. Allow for a 15 minute walk from the LC. It is exposed to the elements. You are advised to dump your kit at the spectator Point, near the Finish, which can be found by following the course from the Start for 450m, where it will be seen on the left. Do not leave kit at the Start.

The Course:  It is 5 miles long, with about 35m of climb per lap. It is a fast, open course, on rough, sheep nibbled grassland, suitable for spikes. A week of wet weather may mean that spikes are not the most efficient footwear. There are two small puddles to negotiate.  The route follows the Red line from the Start (see map) for 450m, and then does three Blue laps, before joining a short Orange loop that goes to the Finish. Runners should familiarise themselves with the Blue loop, although the course will be well marked.

Spectator Point:  Very close to the Finish, at the start of the Orange loop, it is possible to watch, and cheer, your mates as they enter the final 250m, whilst then turning around to actually see them finish. Please move from the Finish to here, immediately after finishing, to avoid multiple recordings of your chip.

Club Captains:  Please ensure your team mates are briefed to bring pins for their race numbers. You must organise collection of Race numbers after the race, at the ‘Spectator Point’ for use again in the future, or make sure your members know to look after them and bring them to future races. (This is the best option !)

Junior races:  These are independent of the Senior race, but use part of the same course. There will be two races, the longest being approx 2.5K. First start is at 10-15am and both will use the same Start as the Senior event.

First Aid:  St. John Ambulance will be in Attendance.

Risk Assessment: An appropriate RA has been carried out. The course is likely to be muddy, slippery, wet and exposed to the elements. You are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions. There are highly likely to be sheep in the Park whilst the race is on. Don’t upset them, as they’ll remember you on the next lap.

WA Race Permit:  No.  EAST R.A.C CC-11  Race Referee:  Mike Heare (Thanks Mike)

We look forward to seeing all our LC league friends again.                                                                       

Please arrive in good time !


Andy Creber

Course Map




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