Friday, 29 October 2021

XC Chip timing and Results


Chip Timing

This season we will be trialing a chip timing system. Runners need to wear a bib number on their chest (not shorts) with a chip attached to the back.

As you finish your chip is registered by the timing equipment and your finish time is automatically uploaded to the race software. No chip= no result. 

Please note that if you hold your hand or arm across your chest as you cross the line (in order to stop your garmin watch), the equipment might not be able to detect your chip. Why not cross the line in glory 😎 with your arms aloft and then stop your watch 2 seconds after you cross the line?

It is hoped that results will be available the same day showing each runner's time and category position. Category winners and team results will also be published. Series results will be available as usual a few days later.

All clubs have submitted details of members wishing to take part in the series and been given the number/chips. Each club decides how best to organise the distribution and safe keeping of these At Chepstow we aware some members need looking after 😁 so we'll be collecting the numbers in after the event and then re-distributing them at the next.

Unlike parkrun where there is a 'no barcode no result' policy, individuals can obtain an additional race number at each event (if their first one goes missing for example). It is worth pointing out that this will slow down the publishing of results and create additional work for the admin team producing results 😒 Please make sure you don't forget your number. Additional numbers given out will require you to fill out 'the form of doom' and cost your club £2.

Any new members who join clubs during the season can also be given a number/chip at each event -  a form needs to be filled out and the new member will need to know their URN number.

Results will appear here on the GLCL blog and the GLCL website.
The 'dummy' links below contain the results files links and will be updated when the results are available after the event:

Provisional Individual Results
Provisional Category Winners
Provisional Team Results

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